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  • Single Page App Converter (Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Plugin for Twitter Bootstrap that converts websites to single page apps on the fly!

  • Slide to Remove List Item (Sencha Touch 2)
  • SlideToRemove is a simple plugin for Sencha Touch 2 that adds the ability to swipe list items to remove them upon confirmation, very similiar to the native iOS controls seen on iPhones/iPads.

  • DateSlider (ExtJS4)
  • DateSlider is a simple extension for Sencha ExtJS that allows standard sliders to use dates as values. More than one handle can be set, and each can be tied to date input fields.

  • ModulePanel (ExtJS4)
  • ModulePanel is a custom layout for Sencha ExtJS that creates a standard panel that is segmented in "module" panels, each being a child item of the main panel. Modules component can than be re-arranged by the user and the custom layout saved in the browser cache. Includes multiple size module support and animations.

  • Hex Grid (Raphael)
  • Multi-dimension hex grid for Raphael JS.

  • Object Detection (Raphael)
  • Advanced object detection plugin for Raphael JS, including passive concave and standard intersection optimization.

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