OhmzTech is a global provider of innovative web & mobile solutions, specializing in highly interactive and modern application design. Our unique frontend-first approach allows for rapid prototyping and improved quality assurance.

Through a trusted network of developers, graphic designers, and technology analysts we are able to effectively address the needs of international clients. Our expansive network has partners on the ground in five continents.

Our Network

Frontend Focus

We strive to deliver absolute top-notch, highly interactive web applications. Our approach puts the frontend design first, and leverages a wide range of modern web technologies to streamline initial development and future maintenance.

Advanced Analytics

Our products and services always come with insanely useful analytics, presented in unique ways so that you can see exactly how your content is driving visitor activity. Integrated directly into our standard CMS means one less platform for you to worry about.

Custom CMS Design

What works for others might not always work for you, and that's why we always build CMS components completely tailored to your requirements. Don't need a custom CMS? Even our standard CMS components are custom designed to optimize efficiency.

Building Awesome Web Apps
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How We Develop

Fast and Flexible

We always utilize industry-standard development methods, constantly working to be more agile than before. Our schedule fits around yours and ensures you are always kept in the loop so that all projects complete on-time and within budget. Standardized reporting focuses on the client first, and we take care in getting you only the information you need - nothing too overwhelming or cryptic.

Optimal Quality Assurance

Our quality control team learns and utilizes a structured, repeatable process to be sure nothing is missed. Hand picked tools optimize speed and efficiency, minimizing the impact of QA on project budgets. Always performed inhouse and by people with programming knowledge means that problems get fixed faster.

Forward Looking

We know that developing an application is an ongoing process, and every bit of code we write keeps that in mind. Not only should future expansion be easy and painless, but transferring code to other parties shouldn't ever be a challenge. Our projects come with the documentation you need to keep in control of the application throughout it's lifecycle.