DateSlider (ExtJS4 Extension)

What is it?

DateSlider is a simple extension for Sencha ExtJS that allows standard sliders to use dates as values. More than one handle can be set, and each can be tied to date input fields.

How does it work?

The component can be created using Ext.create (Ext.ux.DateSlider) or using the xtype (dateslider). Passed configuration can include the following, as well as any other slider properties. Properties marked with * are required.
*dateFields: array of Ext.form.field.Date items
*values: array of date string matching dateFormat (see below)
dateFormat: valid Ext.Date format (default 'n/j/Y')
*minDate: valid Ext.Date format
*maxDate: valid Ext.Date format
dateIncrement: Ext.Date interval constant (default Ext.Date.DAY)


Where do I get it?


You can view and contribute through GitHub.


You can view the source file here.

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