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OhmzTech, Inc offers a large variety of web development services, including mobile application design. With an average of over a decade in business operations/management and development experience we are able to understand the needs of a small business and deliver custom tailored solutions for website design, mobile development, and internal control/procedure platforms.

We specialize in cross platform development that allows the client to take full control of their content. Content management is performed through an administrative platform provided by OhmzTech and services include custom design of management components. Mobile applications are web-based, allowing for "on the fly" updating of content that can be synced between both mobile apps and websites.

Through a central platform, accessible from any device, clients are able to manage their content and push updates out to both websites and mobile apps at the same time. Any user feedback is sent back to the CMS platform, including industry-standard analytics and error reporting. Data transmission utilizes synchronized RESTful web services that can be authorized for use with pre-existing applications.

The technical specifics of our all-encompassing, web-oriented services include:

  • HTML5, Javascript, Node.js, PHP, SQL, Python, Java & More
  • Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile Development
  • Domain, Email, and Hosting Management
  • Google SEO, Webmaster, Analytics, App Store Management
  • Advanced CSS3, Sass/Compass, LESS
  • Graphic Design, Canvas, SVG, & WebGL

If you are interested in learning more about services we offer, and how we can work directly with business managers to develop custom solutions at a low cost, please contact us through our web form.

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