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Consulting Services

How long has it really been since you took a broad look at your current web-based solutions as a whole? Chances are there have been significant industry advances since your original design and implementation. We specialize in reviewing web-based solutions from top to bottom and providing specific details on what optimizations can be made. We can recommend new features that can be easily implemented, as well as perform cross device/platform testing. Not only that, but our recommendation comes with our best estimate for what those services should cost - whether your decide to have OhmzTech or another company make the enhancements.

If you are interested in learning more about our consulting services please contact us through our web form.

Mobile Optimization

Make sure your current site is designed with mobile in mind. Responsive layout conversions can go a long way without necessarily requiring a full overhaul of the site. In addition, we'll help you figure out what parts of your current site can be used to streamline development of native mobile applications.

Analytics Reporting

The number of sites out there still lacking industry standard analytics is rather surprising. However, as with many things in life, people truly don't know what they are missing until they use it for a while. While it can be a daunting task at first, OhmzTech is ready to ease you into the leading analytics platforms one step at a time.

Social Networking

Adding social components to your site has never been easier, but how exactly you set them up will determine how effectively people use them. Social sites want you as much as you want them, and therefore there are plenty of easy solutions out there for quick and painless integration.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithims are constantly evolving, so what might have been best years ago certainly isn't always still the case today. Many people are surprised how a few simple tweaks can bring their search engine ranking up. We can help ensure you are in control of your site listings and utilizing the best free tools that are available.

Automated Targeted Marketing

Let today's web technology do some of the heavy lifting for you, and make sure you are utilizing simple, proactive marketing solutions like targeted mailing lists and analytics supported digital fliers. Couple these together with site usage analytics and you will find plenty of useful metrics to help with all your marketing campaigns.

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